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Contacts and Blogs

Dr. Hamilton Executive Director
Dr. Tawiah Principal  
Mr. Condé Assistant Principal
Mrs. Arguelles   Operations Manager  
Ms. Velazquez Office Manager  
Ms. Villafan Attendance Clerk  
Ms. Akintunde Wellness Coordinator

Ms. Lyles Wellness Coordinator

Mr. Strong Wellness Coordinator
Ms. Bobo-Hatley Wellness Coordinator
Ms. Lopez Tier III Counselor

Ms. Montijo College Counselor
Mr. Anderson Athletic Director/Intern Coord.  
Mr. Holguin IT Support
Mr. Perea Food Service support
Ms. Chan English 9 teacher
Mr. Quinones Geography teacher
Ms. Guterriez Integrated Math 1 teacher
Mr. Welker PE 1 teacher  
Mr. Miranda Research & Inquiry
Ms. Reyes Spanish 1 teacher
Ms. Kim  Biology teacher
Mr. Dinh English 10 teacher
Mr. Castro Integrated Math 2 teacher
Ms. Kates PE 2 teacher  
Ms. Aguirre-Wasser Spanish 2 teacher
Ms. McCullough World History teacher
Ms. Fiero Chemistry/Physics teacher  
Ms. Jones English 11 /AP teacher
Ms. Salinas Entrepreneurism teacher
Ms. Postma Graphic Design teacher
Mr. Martinez Integrated Math 3 teacher  
Ms. Schultz US History/AP teacher
Ms. Walker Deen English 12/AP teacher  
Mr. Buelna Government/Econ teacher
Mr.  Moran Statistics  
Mr. Garcia RSP Teacher (10th grade)  
Mr. Cooper Instructional Aide (9)  
Mr. Piñon Instructional Aide (10)  
Ms. Evangelista Instructional Aide (11)  
Mr. Martinez Instructional Aide (12)  
Ms. Robles ELD Support Teacher (11/12th grades)
MS. Pinon ELD TA (10th grade)  
Ms. Gonzalez ELD TA (11th/12th grades)  
Ms. Cuevas ELD TA (9th grade)  
Ms. Parra ELD/Co-Teacher (9/10th grade)  
Ms. Oukayan RJ Support  
Mr.  Baptist RJ Support